Temping for Us


As soon as you accept your first assignment with us you will receive the following:

  • Confirmation of the booking
  • Timesheet
  • Timesheet submission
  • BACS and Starter Check List form
  • Holiday pay information
  • What to do in case of sickness, lateness or absenteeism


Your timesheet will have the name and address of the company, the person you are reporting to, the week number and date of the week you are working and the role you will be undertaking. It will have space for you to record your hours by stating the time you start, the time you finish and the time taken for lunch. You will not be paid for your lunch hour so in the final box on each day you put the total hours actually worked excluding the time you took for lunch. There is a space for you to enter total hours worked in that week. If you didn’t work on any particular day you leave that space blank. When you have completed the timesheet you must get it signed by your line manager and ensure that it is scanned and emailed to us by 12 noon the following Monday morning.

Timesheet Submission

When completing your weekly timesheet, it is important to be aware that we have a deadline for receiving the hours you have worked in order for your wages to be paid to you on time. This deadline to get your hours authorised and submitted to us is by 12 noon on a Monday morning. If we have not received your timesheet by then, unfortunately, we will not be able to process your wages until such time as we have received it. Since the 6th April 2013 (week 1), HMRC introduced a system called RTI (Real Time Information). This means that by law, every company who operates a payroll system has to submit all payroll records, tax and NI deductions, P45s, and NIC exemption codes each week via a live system. Should we not receive your timesheet, this could result in you paying more tax than normal. HMRC will no longer allow us to process and back-date timesheets due to Real Time Information (RTI). Therefore we highly recommend that you get your timesheets to us on time. Unfortunately, we will not be in a position to accept any liability for late timesheets.

BACS and Starter Check List Forms

The BACS form is for you to complete and return giving us your bank details and NI number. It also provides us with confirmation of your address and your date of birth which is required by the tax office. You will need to complete and return a Starter Check List form if this is your only work, or if you also work elsewhere i.e. have a second job. If you have worked within this current tax year you should have a P45 from your previous employer. Promptly sending in your P45, completed Starter Check List form together with your BACS form is very important for us to be able to process your pay with the correct tax code and earnings information. In the absence of this information we may have to put you on basic rate tax or emergency tax.

Sickness or Lateness

If you are running late for work please call our office to let us know the reason and what time you anticipate arriving. If we are not in the office when you call, please leave a clear message on our voicemail so that we can inform the client as soon as we get the message. If you are sick or know that you will be absent from work for any reason, please call our office and give us full details of your sickness, when you anticipate being ready to return and any other information regarding your absenteeism, so that we can inform the client. It is in our remit to make sure that our clients are fully informed if a Temporary cannot attend work. If we fail to do so, we are in breach of our contract with our clients and this could jeopardise future business. This would greatly affect us and the number of bookings that we are able to offer our Temporaries. Please therefore ensure that we are kept informed at all times of any problems you have getting to work.

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