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Temping With BBU

If you are in between jobs, or if you just enjoy the flexibility that Temporary work provides, we can help. We support numerous companies with long and short-term Temporary assignments across a range of professions.

Holiday Pay

All staff, including Temporary staff, are entitled to holiday pay, based on how many hours worked, on average, over the year. As some Temporary staff only work occasionally, this will be reflected in the amount of holiday pay accrued.

If a Temp works a complete year, and complete weeks of 37.5 hours a week, they will accrue their full entitlement which is 28 days a year including bank holidays.

Agency Workers Regulations

Agency Workers Regulations 2010 are a statutory instrument forming part of UK labour law. They aim to combat discrimination of people who work for employment agencies, by stating that agency workers should be no less favourably treated in pay and working time than their full-time counterparts, who do the same work.

Off payroll/IR35

IR35 legislation means that if HMRC deems that you are working for a single employer during a tax year you will have to pay tax on your earnings at source (PAYE), even if you are a Temporary.

The rules were tightened in 2021 putting the emphasis on the employer to decide if Temporary and Contract employees fall “Inside” IR35. Please see below for further information.


Subject to certain conditions all workers are entitled to statutory sick pay (SSP) and statutory maternity pay (SMP)


In certain circumstances as a Temporary or Contract worker you may be entitled to a Workplace Pension. Most workers in these situations will not be eligible but please ask us if you have any questions about your own circumstances.

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I have been contracting for BBU for more than two years. They are attentive to your needs, are considerate and always manage to stay in touch.

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