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To register a permanent role with BBU click here or call now on 01628 674805


To register a Temporary or Contract role with BBU click here or call now on 01628 674805.

The BBU Process:
Simple, thorough, effective

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The Role

The first stage is to take a full job spec from you, and to understand the work and team environment the successful applicant will join. By understanding your needs, your business and your environment we can supply the most suitable candidates.

The BBU Difference

You will have one point of contact throughout the process from taking the job spec to final placement

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Once a candidate is selected, we don’t just send you a CV, we pre-qualify them for you with a three-stage process, saving you time and ensuring you only interview people who are right for the job.

The BBU Difference

If at any stage we think the candidate doesn’t suit your needs we will not submit their CV.


Candidates are given a comprehensive briefing about the role, including everything that makes the company and role unique. Their skills, experience, and suitability are determined, and most importantly we check their interest in the company and the role.

Telephone Interview

Every candidate is given a full telephone interview where we go through their CV in detail, the jobs they’ve had, their experience, skills aspirations, ideal role and specific interest and suitability for your position.

Face to Face Interview

All shortlisted candidates have a face-to-face interview with BBU either in-person or online, it’s an opportunity to prepare in-depth and ensure they are the best fit for your business.

All CV’s sent to you are the candidate’s own, we don’t enhance, embellish or standardise – it means you can make an interview decision based on the authentic voice of the candidate

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Wonderful staff, fantastic response time, always there for you. BBU really looks after their clients, never lets you down. I would recommend without hesitation .

Deborah Leatherdale

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Job Specification

We build relationships with you meaning we understand your business, your culture and the type of people you are looking for, and we’ll always take a comprehensive job spec in order to supply the right people for the role.

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Role & Benefits

We ask you to provide a detailed brief for the role including responsibilities and experience required, to include details of objectives and reporting structure. The salary package should be outlined, including any bonus structure and other benefits.

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The Department

We ask for a detailed profile of the department, its function within the company, its responsibilities and objectives, the number of people in the team, their duties and the management and reporting structure.

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The Person

Your brief should include the type of person you need, their minimum academic requirements, technical ability, software knowledge, leadership skills, track record, industry experience, commercial experience, working culture and any other attribute essential for this role.

Providing a comprehensive brief means we can fully brief potential candidates and only send you people we know will fit the role. Even if you register the role online, we will contact you to discuss your needs in detail.

Additional Services

Many employers rely on BBU for additional services to help their businesses function efficiently. For full details please contact us.

  • Payroll Service
  • Background Checks
  • Salary Surveys
  • Employment Legislation
  • Skills Testing
  • Personality Profiling

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