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The BBU Difference

Whether seeking a permanent, temporary or contract role we always treat you as an individual, supporting you to find the role best suited to your skills, experience and personality.

Whether searching for a Permanent, Temporary or Contract role the process is the same

  • To give employers a real flavour of who you are we send them the CV you write.

    It is your first chance to impress, so it’s important that it reflects all your skills, qualifications, experiences and roles.

    It should be relevant, succinct and interesting highlighting the achievements you are most proud of and demonstrating where and how you have made a difference.

    Your CV should be comprehensive but no more than 2-3 pages long. Most importantly read and if necessary edit what you’ve written.

  • Follow the link below to register your CV with BBU. We’ll ask a couple of questions and you’ll be able to upload your document. Once you’ve submitted your CV one of our Consultants will contact you to make an appointment so we can meet you in person.

  • One of the key differences with BBU is that we get to know you as an individual, so it’s much easier to find you a role in a business that suits your experiences, aspirations and personality.

    When it’s time for the interview we’ll make sure you are fully briefed and prepared.

    If you’re making a permanent career move, our goal is to find you a role that means you never need us again.

  • The BBU interview guide is designed to assist you to prepare for and succeed in your interview, please take the time to read it at the link below.

    Interview Guide

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BBU was fantastic at helping me achieve a dream job. BBU staff are proactive, conscientious and really wonderful to work with.

Heather Luis

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