Work Benefits: What Do UK Employees Desire the Most?


Offering and implementing a competitive benefits package has been proven to increase loyalty, boost productivity and help to catch the eye of the most qualified and skilled applicants. When navigating through the myriad of benefits a company can offer, it’s key to know the most sought out perks to keep your workplace competitive in the job market. 

Employees who are satisfied with their job and the benefits that come with it are less likely to look elsewhere for work. So ensuring that the most sought out benefits are available to your employees allows your company’s team to grow stronger day by day, which in turn, makes your company even more profitable.

With so many benefits to choose from, it can be hard to determine which are the most desirable, but look no further. This article has broken down the top most desirable benefits potential, and current employees prefer to help you better choose which to implement and stay competitive.

Flexible Working

Flexible working is one of the most popular benefits that employees request. This benefit can come in the form of remote working, condensed working hours and flexible schedules. After the pandemic, many workers have found they desire more flexible working policies due to needing a work-life balance. Employers who understand and accommodate flexible hours will attract top talent and help employee retention as well.

Training and Career Development

Being able to continue training and learning within the job field at a company is very beneficial for skilled professionals and junior employees, both of who want to continue to learn as much as they can. The company also benefits from having current employees develop skills directly for their jobs. 


Bonuses have always been a great motivator and benefit for employees. Performance bonuses can motivate those already working for the company and keep employees in their positions longer. Offering competitive bonuses attract quality applicants as benefits packages that include bonuses are incredibly appealing for job seekers. 


Pensions are a mandatory benefit in the UK, and employers must comply with legislation and auto-enrol eligible employees. Having competitive and enhanced pension programs help workers feel supported by their company and cushioned for when they eventually retire.


Who doesn’t love a good discount? Employees are no different. Being willing to offer a generous discount or lowered rate to your workers shows appreciation.

Employee discount programs motivate and incentivise employees and help them feel more at home with a company. If your company can’t offer discounts on your products directly, get in touch with a few popular local shops and see if your company can work out a deal with them. 

Employee Life Insurance

Life insurance is another benefit that has seen an uptick in attention because of the pandemic. Employees want to be supported and safe in case of an emergency.

Health and well-being are huge motivators, and being reassured that if something happens, your family will be taken care of is a huge benefit to many. Offering employee life insurance as a workplace benefit lets employees know you are looking out for them and will have their loved ones taken care of during hard times. 

Healthcare Support (Digital and Mental)

Workplace stress can be a huge detriment to workers’ health, both physically and mentally. While the UK has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, offering employees digital healthcare options and mental health support can be a huge benefit to workers in need. Digital healthcare can be very beneficial to those who don’t have the time to take off for doctor’s appointments or just need a quick check-in.

Workers are also looking for companies that are understanding and accommodating when it comes to mental health support. Mindful work cultures can have a big impact on employee retention and work performance. Subscriptions to mindfulness apps and allowing for “mental health” days can go a long way in maintaining a healthy company culture.

Free Tea and Coffee

A good tea or coffee in the morning could make or break someone’s mood for the entire day. While one tea or coffee may seem trivial, adding up the savings from a company offering free tea and coffee daily can total quite a large sum. It also eliminates tardiness from long queues and goes even further to show employees they are valued. 

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