Is It Time to Change Jobs? Here’s How to Know


After years of working the same job or for the same company, it is easy for your motivation to start slipping. Whether you are not challenged enough, or not recognised for the hard work that you do, it might be time to start looking for a job change.

Over time our interests and goals change, giving us an opportunity for growth that may go in another direction than our original plan. How do you know it is time to change jobs? We’ve gathered some tell-tale signs that it might be time to make a move. 

Unhealthy Work Environment

Our work life has a direct effect on our mental health and well-being. An unhealthy work environment can cause serious stress, depression, or anxiety when you have to deal with things like controlling management, inappropriate comments made by coworkers, poor communication, and long hours with zero work-life balance. So if you are dragging your feet when heading to work or start to see the physical manifestations of stress on your mind and body, it’s time to start looking for a healthier work environment.

Your Values Are Not Aligned With the Company

You may have felt the company culture has changed, or maybe it was not what you initially thought it would be. There could be times that sale strategies or commercial decisions may rub you the wrong way, which over time make you annoyed, bothered, or unaccepting of the company or the people running it. If you find yourself having a lack of shared values with your company, finding a new company that you can believe in may be a better fit.

No Room for Growth

If you are no longer being challenged or have found that your employer is not invested in your career goals, these are significant signs that there may be something better out there for you.

You may enjoy your time with coworkers, or maybe you love the company you work for. However, if your role is not challenging or you are unable to develop new skills, staying in a role that you have grown out of can become a demotivating experience in the long term.

And if your employer does not have the resources to help you move forward in your career, it may be time to find another company that does. And a job change is the only way you can progress towards your goals.

You Don’t Receive Recognition 

When your input for business decisions is not valued, your work may begin to feel less fulfilling. Your contributions to your work are important and should be recognised and respected.

Being under-compensated and not taken seriously can have a long-term effect on how you feel about your job and the people around you. And staying in this situation will only build further resentment and frustration.

Preparing for a Job Change

If you have read all of these reasons why it may be time for a job change and find you agree – where do you start? Before you quit your job and move on, there are some things you can do to prepare for a job change.

Make a Plan

Drawing up a plan for your job search can be helpful, especially if you give yourself a timetable to stick to. These are manageable phases of your job search and can provide further detailed plans to achieve each phase.

  • Research your dream job. Think of job descriptions that are ideal for you, and factor in your strengths and interests to support your new role.
  • Select a few different roles that you may be able to fit into based on your interests and skill sets. This information can help you pinpoint exactly the type of job you want or what category it may fall into.
  • Applications can feel like a full-time job, but with proper preparation of your CV and practising interviewing, you can confidently keep sending out applications, knowing you are ready for any job that comes your way.
  • Prepare for interviews. Once you start getting interviews scheduled, take time beforehand to practise interviewing, prepare what you will wear, and scope out the interview process or location to get more comfortable.
  • Seek out a recruiter. Recruiters will have in-depth knowledge of the market and can offer a significant amount of useful information like salary expectations, skills required, or job hunting tips.

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